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NOVEMBER: With the annoucement of the Xbox One, we are hopeful about a new Perfect Dark 2 game. Why? Well Microsoft has indicated that Rare will be showing off a "historic" Rare property at E3 on Monday June 10, 2013, at 9:30am during their press conference. So let's think about historic and what games are worthy of that mention. Of course Banjo Kazooie was impressive but would you label that as historic? I wouldn't. GoldenEye 007 is historic but certainly that would be jaw dropping if possible. Fair to say GoldenEye is marred in licencing issues and ownership issues. Killer Instinct? No way. That's not "historic". See the quote here on IGN. Given that we've already seen Perfect Dark XBLA, we can assume/hope/pray that a Perfect Dark 2 is on the horizon. The only questionable part of the statement was the mention of "franchise" which generally means more than one. There was only one Perfect Dark, oh let's not forget Perfect Dark Zero. I suppose 2 games might, and I say might, qualify as a franchise. If Rare does revisit PD 2, then let's all hope we get that classic multiplayer with a full fledged match making. The gameplay mechanics of the original game are still a masterpiece and I believe the XBLA experience proved it. I hope Microsoft agrees and that they do bring it on with a brand spanking new release. I would appreciate having the new content for the site to be honest!

Update - We're always hoping for a new Perfect Dark game. In that case, we're happy to let you know there is rumor about Perfect Dark 2. Nothing official and only speculation. Yes, that's my name, PD 2 aka Perfect Dark 2. I think it makes sense to use the "2". They should use it if they return to the roots of Perfect Dark N64 version. The XBLA version makes me hopeful that Rare slash Microsoft realizes what the game really is all about and how Perfect Dark Zero needs to be forgotten about. Check out a link to the rumor about a new Perfect Dark game here. Why is this a real possibility? It's because it is going to be a "mature" rated game from Rare. C'mon. Bring back the original gameplay, enhanced matchmaking and we will be more than happy!

Update - November 2011, myself and friends have done some PD gaming but with a twist. Yes there is Perfect Dark on Xbox 360. Yes it's brilliant. However, you may be "old school" and want to use the original N64 controllers. The game was designed with these controllers and I think it's the way to play the game still. So the point is, in the coming few weeks I will update with a guide to playing Perfect Dark on an emulator via your PC. You need a decent PC for this gaming experience but it's worth setting up. Next you will use your HDTV to play Perfect Dark Nintendo 64 via HDMI out from your PC. Of course your PC needs a decent video card and most modern cards have an HDMI type output. The fact is you will have a high definition Perfect Dark multiplayer session using the Nintendo 64 version and not the adopted Xbox 360 version of Perfect Dark. The reason I write this now is because up until now there really hasn't been a "perfect" solution for emulators and Perfect Dark. Always the lens effect for the Slayer has been missing. Sure some work arounds, but now I can say you have a new Jabo graphics plugin that will give you the Slayer lens. There is not shortcomings. You simply need to have the PC which can emulate Perfect Dark with all the Anti Aliasing full. Full eye candy settings on the emulator, outputted to your 42-inch HDTV makes for a very exciting and next generation Perfect Dark gaming session. More details to come on setting up this HDTV Perfect Dark experience!

If you want the official Xbox Live Perfect Dark forum, you can check it out here. That's a decent place for finding other players also.

Yes the big announcement has finally come! March is when Perfect Dark XBLA will be launched. It's going to cost $10 only. Leaderboards, co-op, counter co-op and more. Check out Youtube for new Perfect Dark XBLA videos because there are lots of them coming out after the X10 in San Francisco. Will PD XBLA have staying power or will it be fun for a couple weeks and then get forgotten about? With leaderboards, this game will stick around for a while and that is my prediction officially.

Looks amazing. 1080p and 60 frames per second. Looks like single screen multiplayer online or split screen mode. Whichever you prefer! This looks so crazy. And yes, those GoldenEye weapons that were in PD N64 are available in PD XBLA. I've seen the Klobb and K7 Soviet so far, but I'm sure they are all in there. Now one thing that did bother me is seeing a dual wield K7 Soviet. Now let's be honest that isn't a pistol. So was that a cheap mode they were demoing? Or can you dual wield weapons like the K7 Avenger? Please I hope not. That will completely change the balance of weapons and the fairness of gameplay. Way too many bullets and way too much power. Don't worry about controller configurations. They will have a classic style where the stick replaces what were the yellow buttons on the N64 controller. If you play Halo, there will be a config for you and if you play Call of Duty, there will be a config for you also. Not to worry. You will have no excuses for losing! Here is official trailer:



January 2010 - The excitement around the upcoming Perfect Dark XBLA release keeps building! A few more screenshots have been given out to the world wide web. We have an active Perfect Dark and GoldenEye Nintendo 64 forum in 2010 so check it out! Let's start talking about PD on XBLA. It's a great community on the ShootersForever.com forums so please visit and register.

November 2009 - It's an exciting time for Perfect Dark. The Xbox Live Arcade release is getting close, I can feel it! If you are getting excited now, you are not alone. You don't have your N64 console anymore? You want to sharpen up your skills and refresh your memory of the weapons and maps? The answer is to use Mupen64K or another Nintendo 64 emulator on your PC. You can check out Perfect Dark before the XBLA release, and you can start winning and dominating faster! In fact you can try Mupen64K and play some online games now and compare your skills to other Perfect Dark players. Yes you can use your N64 controller for playing on your PC! If you are from USA, check out Nintendo 64 to PC USB Dual Gamepad Adapter for N64 controller. I am currently getting a Perfect Dark walkthrough page ready in anticipation of the new XBLA PD release!

August 2009 - I've just added a Perfect Dark maps page. I will post the best tips and tricks for PD N64 maps so you can win more on Xbox Live. I will have walkthrough videos and post tips for each of the Perfect Dark maps.

June 2009 - Perfect Dark for XBLA! Yipee it's been officially announced. This is going to be a freaking awesome XBLA game. The biggest ever I predict. Okay, my background? I played Perfect Dark for a long long long time. Longer than most. Consider me self professed Perfect Dark expert. Multiplayer tips? Yes! Exactly. What better time than now to learn about the Perfect Dark weapons so you can destroy everyone when the game comes to live? Let's get learning now.

May 2009 - I have guessed correct. An Xbox Live or XBLA Perfect Dark game is coming. The is amazing news and it's more than just a rumour. Think about it. What else can Rare give us that we want? This is the one we've been waiting for! Check out my thoughts about it here.

April 2009 - I've been thinking a lot about Perfect Dark Zero and Perfect Dark 64. Will there be a Perfect Dark 3? or perhaps 2? There has only been one real Perfect Dark game in my opinion. Read a head to head comparison about Perfect Dark 64 going against Rare's latest Perfect Dark Zero and what we can hope for in the next Perfect Dark game coming in 2009 or 2010.

Oct 2008 - Welcome Perfect Dark fans! Let's hope that Microsoft and Rare do the right thing. Make a game like the original! I think most of us were disappointed about the lack of similarity between the N64 version and the Xbox 360 version PD Zero. I will do my best with this site to keep you updated on everything related to a new possible Perfect Dark game for the Xbox 360. It's going to happen, it has to! I have my fingers crossed anyways. For now, I suggest playing PD on your PC. You will be quite blown away at the quality and crispness of the details. Yes, add online multiplayer and you should be pretty happy for a long while. More players the better!

July 2007 - Mupen64K brings the gaming community Perfect Dark online! Yes, play co-op modes or multiplayer against players all around the world. Want sims? Add those too! Nothing is better than showing off the skills you attained from the many hours playing Perfect Dark on your original Nintendo 64 console. Playing PD on you PC is simply the evolution of the game, and when you add online capabilities, you are simply beyond evolution.pd zero xbox 360

What do you need to play Perfect Dark online? Well 1 gig of ram is likely the minimum. Processor speed and video card play a role in performance, so you need to basically take Mupen64K for a test drive on you computer to see. Important: If your computer plays Perfect Dark poorly (aka poor or slow framerate) then it's not worth trying online. If you play online with a slow computer, you will ruin the entire game for the other players. You will slow down their game also. It only plays as fast online as the slowest computer in the group. Get it? If not read this important note again.

Videos Of Perfect Dark Online:

Co-Op Online #1
Co-Op Online #2


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